Empower Plus Virtual Communications Live Streaming Video Platform

Live Broadcasting Provider:

Empower Plus Virtual Communications provides online broadcasters with industry leading video and audio streaming services, including live event streaming, streaming media hosting, mobile streaming and more. Our streaming services are optimized to perfect the key elements of the online streaming process.

Empower Plus Virtual Communications will Stream high-quality video to small or medium sized audiences, both Live and On-Demand streaming is supported. We deliver High-quality or HD video to large audiences, across multiple formats, our broadcast system is perfect for established video broadcasters.

Empower Plus Virtual Communications is the ultimate streaming services provider, created in 2010 and has grown to operate as a global Content Delivery Network with clients and viewers in every continent and over 60 countries. Our mandate is simple: provide our clients the support and technology they need for a balanced cost-effective delivery of online audio and video, on any platform, anywhere in the world.

From its inception Empower Plus Virtual Communications committed to a unique, client-centered approach to streaming – by maintaining phone communication and support we have been able to listen to our clients and use that feedback to apply our technology expertise to traditional broadcasting wants and needs. This means we can follow the expert advice of our clients (broadcasters) by using our expertise (streaming) to build and expand the services that we know broadcasters want and need.

Our Philosophy:

  • Provide our clients with the support that they need – always be available by phone, listen, and respond quickly to any concerns.
  • Maintain a constant focus on Research & Development – bring the highest qualified and skilled talent together to provide industry leading services.

Our Promise:

  • We promise to constantly look at industry trends so that you can concentrate on your core business of serving your clients.
  • We promise to deliver secure, reliable and dynamic services that are tailored to your business.

Our Technology:

  • We have pioneered or adapted all of the streaming technology that operates our systems today. Our investments in R&D and partnerships with technology and software providers has allowed us to customize a stable yet feature-rich system that can stream from any encoder to any location on the globe.
  • Our technology can quickly and seamlessly integrate your content into the global Internet broadcast system while our real-time online reporting puts management systems into your hands for immediate analysis and control of your streaming content.

Empower Plus Virtual Communications LLC provides schools and businesses with the ultimate customized virtual broadcasting network. The calendar is a feature is used to schedule programs, as well as broadcast events.

In addition, delivery is available to all standard devices including:

  • Desktop, PC, and Mac computers
  • Mobile including all smartphone devices